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The dark only covers the light so we may see the things that stand out at night. Welcome to Mind over Madness the home of Octavian "Faceless" Costello

About the "Mind Over Madness” CommunityEdit

Welcome to Mind Over Madness, a world where darkness isn’t frowned upon, murder is as normal as buying coffee and sodomy isn’t as bad as rape. Please note that these are all original stories all the places and characters are purely fictional everything that seems “familiar” is just pure coincidence. All of the stories written are by a teenage male who suffers from his own thoughts and decides to share them with the world, this boy is "Octavian "Faceless" Costello". 

“I made this place to escape, I made this place when I was a mere boy. I now know people also suffer from their own roaming thoughts and others always say “its not normal” I say to hell with that and for us to feel whatever we want. Let us read and create a world where we can actually torture those who we choose and nobody can stop us because after all…. it is all in our head…” - Octavian "Faceless" Costello

The Mind Over Madness Community was hugely inspired by the Creepypasta and horror fandom throughout the years, if you wish to become apart of this community all you have to do is be ORIGINAL. Contact:

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